Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How To Recover Permently Deleted Posts In WordPress And Blogger

Have you accidentally deleted your blog posts? Do you want to recover deleted posts of your blog? Today I was accidentally deleted one of my blog post. Actually, I want delete a draft post, but clicked delete button of other published post. I didn’t find any option to recover the deleted posts on blogger. Then I tried out external methods to recover my deleted posts and I have successfully recovered it. Are you facing same problem or do you want to recover your previously deleted posts and pages of in WordPress or blogger blogs? It is very simple task to recover the deleted posts. So, today we are going to show you how to restore the deleted posts in WordPress or blogger blogs by various methods.

How To Recover Deleted Posts & Pages In Blogger & WordPress Blogs :

Method 1 : How To Recover, If Your Deleted Posts Is Indexed In Google Search Engine 

  • Go to and write the title of your deleted post in blank box and click on search button.If your posts is indexed on Google search engines, google will show your deleted post in search result like below image.
  • Now click the down arrow button [ available just after the green link ]. A small drop down menu will open up like below picture.
  • Click on Cached option from drop down menu.Now a new window will open up with your post text and other content.
  • Than copy your post contents from the cached page and create a new post and paste your copied content there.That's it you have successfully recovered your deleted posts of your blogger or WordPress blog.

Method 2 : How To Recover, If Your Deleted Posts Is Not Indexed In Google Search Engine

  • Go to put you blog link on waybackmachine search field and click on browse history button.
  • Now you redirected to the result page like below picture.
  • Then simply select the date and month, when you deleted your blog posts.Now you will redirected to the cache version of your blog, you can simply select your deleted posts from that page.
  • After that copy the deleted posts content and create a new post on your blog and paste it.That's it you have successfully restored your deleted posts of your blog.
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Thanks for taking your time to read our post.Bu using above two methods, you can easily recover your blogs deleted posts and pages.If you are geting any error during the process of recovering your deleted posts, share it below in comment. We will try to solve your problem. Please share this article with your friends on social networking sites.


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